About Us

Atul Enterprises is an IT consultancy and security product firm established under the able guidance of K. V. Arun Kumar, it is providing computer technology solutions, with sales, installation, Services and support, catering to the IT needs and security product and solutions consisting of IP & Analog Cameras, Biometrics systems, Fire Alarm, Video door phones etc... for small & Medium Scale Businesses homes and apartments.

We follow a systematic arrangement of customer-oriented business model, to ensure maximum freedom to the customers in decision-making, and also enhance the efficiency of the solutions provided.

We bench high on imparting quality computer hardware and networking products, perfectly customized for the customer's requirements and affordability, backed by a finer warranty period.

Lot of expertise goes into choosing the superior quality products, and our team does it the Best. Customer support during the purchase, during installation and post purchase has always earned us accolades, thus adding to our confidence of delivering high contour end-to-end IT & Security solutions.

We are also the authorized partner for Tally and Aircel lSP

IT Infrastructure Solutions Company

Atul Enterprises was founded in 1996 with a view to provide complete IT infrastructure solutions to varied customers to ensure smooth flow of day-to-day operations. Since its inception, Atul Enterprises has constantly helped companies to identify, procure, implement and support their’ IT infrastructure needs, We are the preferred IT partners for many of the top SMB companies as well as business partners for organizations like HP, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Schneider Electric, IBM, Lenovo, Symantec and Tyco.

What we do

Think IT Infrastructure, Think Atul Enterprises. A partnership with us is your first step towards innovative IT solutions. Atul Enterprises A solutions provider and infrastructure build and maintenance company and is the chosen partner to many SMB companies for setting up IT infrastructure, integrating it and maintaining it over its lifecycle in all areas of technology including computing architecture, networks, security and much more.

Our core business lies in enabling clients to setup and run businesses and critical applications. Our innovative range of solutions helps our clients leverage their business and sustain a global advantage. With long lasting alliance with technology leaders, independent software vendors and with our expertise, we provide flexible solutions to meet our customers' requirements to ensure maximum returns on their IT investment.

Small And Medium Business Solutions

  • AMC [ Annual Maintenance Contract ]
  • IT Infrastructure & facility management
  • Servers
  • Desktops, Workstations, laptops, storage
  • Structured networking
  • WiFi - Wireless networking
  • Internet and Wireless security
  • Email and Data security solutions
  • Backup, Recovery and Archiving Solutions
  • Servers and Storage Virtualization


Cost Savings

Our services will optimize your organization’s utilization of IT assets, resources and space as well as decrease support costs. This will maximize your return on investment from existing IT infrastructure and minimize future capital expenditure.

Business agility

By taking advantage of new Data center building services technologies such as virtualization, your organization will have rapid access to new server resources without the need for investment in new hardware. This agility is vital for responding to business changes.

Reduced environmental impact

An optimized Data canter building services infrastructure will reduce power and cooling requirements, thereby your organization’s carbon footprint and energy bills.

Risk avoidance:

Within an optimized Data canter building services environment data can be protected better, this is the key for maintaining regulatory compliance and your organization’s reputation.

Esteemed Business Partners



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